The Pain of Creation (NANOWRIMO angst)

I guess I already announced this on LiveJournal, but I’m going to commit NANOWRIMO, again.  I’ve tried several times, and it hasn’t worked well.  This time will be different.  Why will this time be Different?

Well, I guess one reason might be that I have flesh and blood friends trying it with me, and we’re actually going to meet.  Maybe that will keep me off of FB, LJ, rec.arts.sf.composition, and other forms of malcontent lurking.  Lately I’ve spent more time endlessly searching my junk filters than writing, and something has to give.

But, to start a new novel?  To concentrate on the requested sequel? To work on one of my other solid starts?

If you don’t know what NANOWRIMO is, you’re probably lucky.  If you think you might want to torture yourself, look at  Start on 1 November, write 50K words during November, and Bob’s your uncle. Where does that that expression come from, anyway?

Coming down to the wire.

So, we’re about to elect a new president, and I haven’t convinced the world to vote the way I want them to. I just discovered that I don’t agree with my chosen candidate as often as I do with the green candidate. And I think that my choice to share political viewpoints through social media has alienated my most likely readers. I don’t have the “right” political correctness – I just write good novel.

I think I’m going to start posting my short stories to Amazon, see if building up Bleeding Edge’s visibility will encourage people to buy Zook Country. Would anybody be interested in reading a science fictional love letter?

Reading and Book Signing

With the news that pre-publication copies are on the way, we look to be cruising to a success for the November 15th reading at the UAA bookstore. There will be four writers there, representing a range of popular reading interests. I’ll post more in a day or so…