New Zook Country News

I just received (Thursday) the proof copy of Zook Country, and am spending the weekend reading my own literature on trade paper stock. I promised Lida that I’d get my responses to her by tonight.

Lida’s intent to publish on September 15th meant that there would be no Advance Reader Copies to deliver to reviewers. I wasn’t terribly happy with that, because most of the major reviewers that we’d want to put on the book cover won’t even read the e-book version. Lida and I had an e-mail discussion, and she allowed me to push back the publishing date. She offered December 15th, and the book will be available for pre-order for a month before publication. Since I’d already lost the summer reading crowd, I’m hoping that I can take advantage of the holiday crowd. This is a publisher being extremely flexible for an unknown author, and I’m really hoping that I can make it work out to her profit.

I guess the publishing party will have to be postponed, since I’ll not have signable stock until December. The upside, we’ll probably have Advanced Reader Copies for distribution to certain reviewers next month. Oh, it turns out that having a publishing party on publishing date wouldn’t have worked, because I wouldn’t have actual books to sign until the mail delivered them a few days later. Lida recommends that scheduling publishing parties wait until the paper copy is in hand.