Window Dressing

Republicans jumped on a bandwagon to pressure the president to approve a proposed oil pipeline through 1700 miles of the interior, and have gone all crazy when he did’t do that within a 60 day notional deadline the Republicans created from whole cloth. Ignore the fact that major construction that has a significant possibility of causing substantial environmental damage to the areas through which it passes.  Reducing or mitigating environmental damage isn’t on the Republican radar this year.  But the legal requirement for an Environmental Impact Statement, and the near impossibility of producing one of those that will stand up in a district court under those sort of time constraints would be on the Republican radar if they actually wanted the pipeline to succeed.

The Republican big-brain trust thinks that they’ve got a win no matter what. If Obama approves the pipeline, but the approval falls apart in court, then Obama is wrong.  If Obama refuses the stupid Republican deadline, then he doesn’t believe in progress, or finding jobs for Americans.

I hope that Obama will commit that unthinkable third act, getting it right the first time, so that we don’t have to do it over.