Screw the first responders! We have millionaires to protect!

Welcome back Republican Senators. President Obama will surely respect your strength. He fairly gave up a second term to see through the first step on the road to national health care. You filibustered the 9/11 first responders in order to make sure your millionaire buddies don’t face a tax increase. I understand. You’re afraid that the greater body of American millionaires will flee the country in despair if they’re forced to lie about 1% more of their incomes at tax time The lies they’ve generally told for years to make sure their real taxes run 10% or less are nothing compared to the insult of having to lie about 1% more. A tough decision, just like the president made. I hope those millionaires appreciate your unstinting sacrifice, you know, in letting New York first responders die and bankrupt their families trying to pay for medical care for the cancers and heart/lung conditions they developed while responding to what you call the first battle in the war on terrorism.

I admire your stances on party solidarity. While I’m not sure you really earned your pay as senators, I think you’ve more than earned your campaign contributions and side incomes. I’m sure several of you have bright futures with Halliburton and like industries.